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April 16, 2008


Adeah Wetzel

Identity Theft is real no question about that (noticed I even capitalized it!). There are two sides to this coin: One, there are very few people who really know what it is and what to do about it. Two, there are thousands upon thousands of victims every day from this crime! I would recommend another great book to fill in some of these details about Identity Theft is "The Silent Crime What You Need to Know About Identity Theft" by Michael McCoy & Steffen Schmidt,PhD.

Identity Theft Secrets

I've been thinking about writing something like this for a few years, but I'm glad someone actually has taken the step and written it.

Good for Ian for being willing to piss off some of the most powerful companies in the US, in order to work to create change in an industry which badly needs it.

And yes, large class action lawsuits are well on their way... several smaller ones have been filed since 2004 (as best I can tell), and especially since FACTA in 2006.


IdentityTheftSecrets: thanks, and you're right, it pisses some people off, if the slap-downs are any guide :)

But meanwhile, I'm very curious: what class action lawsuits have you seen? I think it will be very important to document this, as I see it as the only economic (good) alternative to uneconomic (bad) liability legislation.

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