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October 15, 2007


Lani Massey Brown

This is also a case where the results cannot secure one voter, one vote foolproof/geekproof elections. Ballot scanners are still stand-alone independent vote counting machines. They will break. They will hiccup. And they will miscount, miscalculate and misplace votes. For sure paper provides recount capabilities, but until our laws recognize and enforce recounts and/or do-overs in all situations where technology produces statistically infallible results, election officials and the courts can still decide the people’s choice.

Lani Massey Brown, A MARGIN OF ERROR: BALLOTS OF STRAW, currently featured on VotersUnite.Org. In BALLOTS OF STRAW when Florida's governor infiltrates America’s voting machines, only one woman can stop him – one woman and the man sent to spy on her.

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