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October 02, 2007



> Probably I shouldn't report too much detail,...

Why not? The attackers already know, it is only the victims who are kept in the dark.


Oh, the usual: people feel free to talk freely because nobody's taking names and publishing transcripts. Most of the talks you could find elsewhere, but a few are unusual and the combination of people and information is quite good.



Oh, so people would be embarrassed to have their words mis-reported or abused. Sure, so it is nothing to do with security.

Some security researchers have identified that one of the biggest weapons we use to destroy our own security is the penchant for making everything secret. It's about time to start revealing everything, because all the other things that have been tried haven't worked.


Right, it's not because of security; it's because of politics.

I agree with you that secrecy is counter-productive. The problem is how do you get people to show up without some promise of privacy.

Me, as I remarked numerous times at this and other gatherings, I'm in favor of reputation services. Some people view that as "name and shame". I see it more as enabling evolution.

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