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September 12, 2007



Just to clarify, I'm tracking the cost of a set of fraudulent identity documents, not an "Identity Theft." There's a specific reason for this: to support security models which base their checks on identity documents as a proxy for something they call identity.


To get to the meat of your post, you write:

> Is identity any less essential than health?

If you lack health, you die, or are at least miserable. If you lack identity, you lack an SUV, or are at most miserable.

There is a big difference, but it is probably more apparent outside the USA, where most countries do not pyramid their credit systems on something called "your one true identity."

John S. Quarterman

And in the U.S. if you can't prove your identity, you don't get health care, even if you have insurance.

Andy - Compare Lifelock and Loudsiren Debix

The combination of insurance and proactive identity protection is the way to go. Best to compare the different services to find what right for you.

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