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September 11, 2007


Iang (manual trackback)

See my comment on my blog, there is an interesting question here as to whether Insurance is the right direction to go with identity theft. I don't think I know the answer ... but I think the question is unfortunate.

Iang (manual trackback to Identity Cost posts)

I have frequently claimed that the cost of a full set of ID Documents is around $1000, as a sort of rule of thumb we can all work with in the security business. Not based on scientific analysis more compelling than collecting reports of the costs of sold Id sets from police press releases ....

(It might actually be cheaper in the US, not sure.)

Dan Weinreb

I don't know about the $1,000. If
I were a victim, it would take
countless hours of my time to deal
with the problems, and I would feel
a lot of hurt and anxiety and stress. For me, that's a lot more
than $1,000.


Good point, Dan. This is one reason why it's hard to say whether what LifeLock is selling is priced well or not. I suppose if many people buy it, it's priced right for its market.

Andy - Compare Lifelock and Loudsiren Debix identity theft protections programs here!

I think its priced right for a 1,000,000 dollar policy and the other benifits are time savers. Regardless of the route one chooses it is important to protect yourself.

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