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May 10, 2007



Note - the question attributed to me was actually asked by iang in the comments section.



I am all for seatbelts, ABS, and side impact air bags too! These are great safety features that the market has helped to create. However, seat belts do not make cars or passengers "naturally secure", which I believe is what spawned this thread.


Yes, it was Iang who asked that question, not Pete.

Gunnar, good, you're for seatbelts. And no doubt you can see that there is not only still an aftermarket for those, but also a market for seatbelts, air bags, etc., that sell as original equipment on new cars.

That plus engineering cars to be less fragile and to protect their occupants better I consider to be a lot more naturally secure than the state BN (Before Nader).

Certainly a lot more naturally secure than the current state of the IT industry, which is kind of like a mammal without homeostasis or an immune system,
constantly requiring a bubble suit and trips to intensive care to keep it alive.


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