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January 16, 2007


Will Sheward

"Compared to X.25, ISDN, and X.400, the great telco innovations; remember any of those?"

Actually, yes :-)

X.400 messaging may not be popular in the wider world but it's still the dominant force in EDI, the basis for the new standard in aviation (ground to ground) messaging and very popular in the military messaging market.


Perhaps this will work, but I think there's a major difference in the domains. In software, things aren't really resource constrained - i.e. you can get a whole lot done without much investment. Sure, people are expensive, but they always are. But you don't need a lot of actual physical resources. In energy and these other areas, capital costs dominate. So the dynamics are far different. So much so that I severely doubt any "open source" model metaphor would likely be applicable.

But hey, that's just me.

Maybe with such things as proliferation of rapid prototyping and such that will all change...

Cara Fletcher

Companies that produce renewable energy will be one of the more profitable in the next generations because people will start to use this type of energy more and more.

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