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August 03, 2006


Geoff Webb

Don't forget to include the view of the end-user population (the passengers) :

"Icebergs? There are icebergs?"

Oh, and the CFO of White Star lines:

"It doesn't matter if they hit icebergs, how much damage can a bit of cold water do?"

ally sabea

ya realy what can a lil ice berg do to the titanic


hi my friend and i are doing a report on the titanic and i was wondering if ur actually an expert if u are can we interview u please? we're also looking for generic titanic info, if u know any good sites/books/etc email me please. thanx a lot!


Cashell Prindiville

hey i have somthing to say on this why did it really sink no one reallys nows soooo why are they blaming people that might have not do it

Cashell Prindiville

hey i have somthing to say on this why did it really sink no one reallys nows soooo why are they blaming people that might have not do it

ed wickstead

a iceberg is huge. above water it only shows a 7th to a 9th off it, ice bergs above water can go upto 400 feet, so how can you say what would a iceberg do to the titanic ,i did a hell of alot!


hi there,
i'm doing a project on the titanic. is there anyone out there who knows why is sank, who was to blame and what went wrong?


The Titanic sank for three reasons:
1.) the designers were to blinded by the fact that they could make money than by the fact that safty precautions were needed. Some people believe that if they had had more water tight compartments, it wouldn't have sank, but they didn't want to do that because it would have taken room away from the first class passengers. (what is with that anyway?) there is also the whole not-having-enough-lifeboats thing.
2.)The builders used a bad type of metal in the rivets. They used metal that had high contents of sulfer and mangnese, which made the iron brittle and able to fracture on contact. Many of the rivet heads broke when they hit the iceburg, causing the metal to peel up and allow more water in the ship.
3.) The crew screwed up big time. They had been recieving messages all day from other ships in the vincity, telling them about the icebergs and freezing water, but did they listen? No. They. Did. Not. Actually, most of the warnings from fellow ships did not even reach the bridge (where they steer the ship). If the crew actually tried to do their jobs, everything might have been OK.
4.) other stuff:
If they had slowed down, they might not have sank
If they had put two layers of metal on the hull, the metal might not have buckled on impact, and caused so much damage.
some even say that if they had hit the iceberg in any other way, they might not have sunk.
Some people also think that it is Captain Lord's fault. He was the captian of Californian, the ship that was anchored 19 miles north of the Titanic. His crew turned off the radio, and when they saw the rockets fired, he thought that they were celebrating. oops

If you google 'Why did the Titanic sink?" you will pretty much get everything I just said.


i heard that the titanic sank cuz the rudder was too samll... its this true?

-doing a report for skool and i want to know


no that is rong it sank coz on a ice burg and it cracched it to it and poor jackdied of the cold water :(


the funny thing is i cried when i saw the movie when i was 6


^^ Jack Is Fictional.. Thats Just A Movie.. -_-


LOL! Jack was a prick! The Musicians and the Priest were the real heroes!


i was wondering if anyone has any info on the sinking of the titanic


I think titanic sank because of lot's of reason. Rivet's build with cheap iron. A small rudder, lookout without binoculars, the speed that were travelling was to fast, hull wasn't strong enough and watertight comparments that were not high enough due to more space for fist class. Titanic would have survive if it hit the center of the iceberg.The bow would get damage, and it will happen to use the one comparment in the front of the bow to block the water. If i happen to build the titanic. I would put steel instead of iron or 10x the hull. More water tight comparments and Three rudder for the three propellers for fast steering. In the 19th the titanic's feature were high tech for them.


the titanic sank cuz they were blind because they convinced themselfs that it would not sink because it was made of iron. uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.....not d-a!!!


i think it sank because they used the wrong iorn they ussed a cheap one it was grade 3 not grade 4 and grade 4 was stronger and if they used grade 4 it would have not sunk so quickly as it did.

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