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May 29, 2006



When will they interconnect? No knowing, but I'm sure the minute they do, the benefits of centralization by group will erode and we WILL see the spam piggybacking on it. Anything P2P that refuses to centralize at least to some extent will (by its very nature) end up trusting more and verifying less in the interests of greater connectivity. The spammers will slip into those gaps.

I hadn't heard of MessageLevel before, but yes, a three-way handshake would work -- assuming you're not talking to a phisher:

Phisher: Hi, we're closing your account!
Victim: Say, did you send this message?
Phisher: Why, yes, I did!
Victim: All righty, then!

Sure, it'll protect against spoofing of well-known addresses like "customerservice@citi.com," but it'll still fool people who don't know that "customerservice@citibnk.com" isn't legit. And it won't do a thing to stop "E4FEWOI@jasureyoubetcha.org" from telling us all about v!agra.

How are you going to validate an email address without looking it up in an authoritative directory? And how is the directory going to be authoritative without being at least to some extent centralized?

Riddle me THAT, Boy Wonder -- er, Superannuated Replicant!

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

PS - I always forget about mobile phone text messaging because I SO got over that in the mid-'90s.

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