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March 08, 2006



I think you meant George Lucas, not Spielberg?


Indeed you're right: I meant Lucas.

Spielberg apparently gets asked about blockbusters all the time, since many people think that Jaws started the blockbuster trend. He answered once:

"I don't agree with that. The blockbuster was created when D.W. Griffith made The Birth of a Nation, a film that I do not like today because it is racist. The blockbuster has been part of the Hollywood firmament since the beginning of Hollywood. The responsibility I put on this obsession with blockbusters is not that Jaws was such a hit, but the marketing was a star. I felt the marketing of Jaws actually upstaged the movie for a while. I think Hollywood finally figured out how to market movies bigger than the movies themselves.

"Sure. I made a lot of money with Jaws, and I got final cut on Close Encounters," Spielberg continues. "But I think people miss the whole point. It's a marketing phenomenon. George and I made movies that were marketed globally and brilliantly, and I think that's what started the trend."

Mad Spielberg, BY STEVE RAMOS, City Beat, 26 Feb 2003

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