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March 24, 2006


Herleson Pontes


I read this article here in Brazil and I wanna know if the problem were caused by a IIS security problem or by peopleware.
Because many times, companies like Microsoft releases patches and updates, but the clients don't install them.


Matija Vidmar

Although I'm very experienced in security and hacking techniques, I'm pretty scared about this. I was expecting an attack like this to come... but now I'm wondering "how can I protect myself from these scams?"
I'm waiting to see how were the systems compromised.

Andrew Pynes

RE: "how can I protect myself from these scams?"

There's only one solution on the market that will completely protect you from these scams - Comodo's Free Verification Engine www.vengine.com. It works today with 70,000+ banks. Banks can also simply install these Content Verification Certificates to allow their online banking customers to verify legitimate web content by simply mousing over the logo or login box. You can read or inquire about CVC's at www.contentverification.com

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