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February 05, 2006


John Charles Griffin

Lawrence White at University of Georgia wrote a perspective for The Cato Institute in 1996 entitled "The Technology Revolution and Monetary Evolution." The article alluded that digital currency would likely circumvent the benefits, costs, and logistics of "wiring money."


Contemporary consumerism using ATM cards and Electronic Fund Transfer has become a routinely
convenient process for most anyone with financial balance capabilities.

Western Union has simply fallen into archives of extinction with the likes of mule & plow, Pony Express, 33 rpm records, and burma shave road signs.

Economics Unwired

So sayeth prophets,
the Lord of Business
thus spake, "This is Good."
Greenhouse sprouts I-Pods
In a blackberry patch
watered by text messages
with gross national product
dispatching border crossing
graph chart databases on
internet highways leading
lost drivers to checkpoints
where cookie cutters count
megabytes & market shares.

J. Griffin 2006

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