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April 02, 2005


John Charles Griffin

Having worked twenty years as a drone for the corporate structure and having read Jared Diamond's earlier work -- GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL, I'm almost convinced that the hoax of government based on the power of wealth is taking "Western Civilization" into a dawning of chaos for the under privileged working class who are being reduced to smaller decimals on the economic scale. Family farms, for instance, are few and far between. Financial mergers in banking and industry are furthermore taking away pension plans, increasing job stress, and basically downsizing the work force to a point where today in the United States, for example, bankruptcy is at an all time high coincided with rising health care and
fuel prices. The money supply is rising to the top and the Bush Administration continues to sell snake oil to the populace.
One must be very clever to maintain mortgage payments and keep their vehicles on the road, yet the war machine has become perpetual and the profiteers tend to remain
anonymous with their offshore bank accounts.
The old saying "take the money and run" often seems to apply to whatever the future may bring to this big overpopulated island.

Chris O'Connor

My name is Chris O'Connor and I run an online nonfiction book discussion community called BookTalk.org. This is an invitation for you to check us out and hopefully get involved in the book discussion. We read almost exclusively science too!

We're currently reading Collapse and expect to have a live online chat session with Professor Diamond near the end of June. You and your friends are invited and encouraged to join us in the discussion and chat session.

Here is a list of past authors that we've read and had as guests in our chat room...

Upcoming Author Chats
A. C. Grayling - pending
Jane Goodall - pending
Howard Bloom - pending
Jared Diamond - pending

Chat and Interview Transcripts
Howard Bloom - Reinventing Capitalism
Lee Harris - Civilization & Its Enemies
Ann Druyan - Pale Blue Dot
Michael Shermer - How We Believe
Matt Ridley - The Red Queen
Stephen Pinker - The Blank Slate
Massimo Pigliucci - Rationally Speaking
Richard Dawkins - Unweaving the Rainbow
Howard Bloom - Global Brain
Howard Bloom - The Lucifer Principle

Feel free to ask questions or simple visit the following links... And please spread the word to your science-minded friends.

http://www.booktalk.org/index.php Home
http://pub141.ezboard.com/bbooktalk Forums
http://p090.ezboard.com/fbooktalkfrm87 Collapse forum
http://p090.ezboard.com/fbooktalkfrm51 Guns, Germs And Steel forum


Chris O'Connor
BookTalk.org - the freethinkers book discussion community

PO Box 4624
Clearwater, FL 33758


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