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August 23, 2004


Shiloh Sharps

I read Geer all the time. I believe his postulate is more along the lines of fast lean and ninja than forts and redoubts. A fort makes a perfect point of reference for firing solutions. That's dumb. Fast, lean, on the move means taking it to the "enemy" as a state of mind. I'd rather be active than reactive and I daresay Geer says being out front is far better than hiding behind walls dodging incoming fire. And Sterling is right that wrangling with technology defeats the joy and productivity of the damn thing.

Geer, in my memeory, once opined that it is Big that is the enemy. Big finance. Big law. Big government. Big institutions. Big marketing. Big education. Big religion. Big...

Accretion of power is a tendency I doubt anyone klnows how to corral. Dan seems to be saying acknowledge this verity and engineer through it to a simple solution that is self-enforcing.

I'd bet on Dr. Geer.

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