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June 18, 2010


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Unfortunately it's not that simple now the genie is out of the bottle. GMO crops are likely to have contaminated the gene pool of all the plants in the areas that GMO crops are deployed.

It has become clear that gene transfer between even different species is much more widespread than previously supposed, see for instance:


I predict that you'll find it being admitted, in the foreseeable future, that this phenomenon is common in plants and even higher animals. The apparent hierarchy of "the tree of life" is pretty much entirely a construct of human cognitive processes and not a real feature of phenomenal reality.

Plus, in spite of what that snake-oil salesman Craig Venter and suchlike claim, we're actually discovering that we're at the very first baby steps of our understanding of genetics.

What Monsanto is doing with GMO is at best criminally irresponsible - but given corporations in law have person status I'd call it criminally insane. But for Monsanto the only thing that matters is the bottom line and profit projections in a spreadsheet.

And, as you know, I'm the furthest from one of those bleeding heart hippy liberal types you're likely to meet (and as it happens have a degree in the Biological Sciences).


Right, the problem isn't GMO per se; it's the use of GMO and the law to prevent seed reuse, to implement monocultures, to enforce use of pesticides, etc., all in the pursuit of corporate profit at the expense of everything else.



GMO wouldn't be possible without Monsanto, Monsanto wouldn't be possible without Big Government, Big Government wouldn't be possible without the likes of Monsanto.

But they're evil not stupid, hence facilities like this:


They know they're playing with fire.

GMO is fundamentally different from selective breeding and the domestication of plants and animals, much, much more problematic. But I don't suppose it can be stopped, because money shouts loudest.

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