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February 02, 2010


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Heidi Greene

My husband has pointed out what a hoax this is. The more corrupt and greedy a company is, the more that they want to keep their stocks private. There probably really are five evil families that own 90% of Monsanto, but they will tell us that the stocks are bought up in thousands of mutual funds. That way it is impossible to track the investors and once again the rich stay rich while the poor stay poor (and sick, if they are eating Monsanto).

alma Alva

What an eye opener this is. I have heard about genetically engineered food, but what I have seen and read about monsanto is not joke. Unethical?, I would call it diabolic, and in some way, monsanto is the "antichrist," if this people owns all the food in the world, what is left for everyone else?
I will never buy any of their products, and I wish every human being would do the same. Let them eat all of their trash. I bet you that will all those billions, they are eating organic foods most likely imported from other countries.
What a reality check, I thought I had a culture shock when I came to U.S. A. but this is the most shock ever.
I will watch all those Y-Tube videos with my children, and I think it is time to start thinking to go back home, where fruit and vegetables are all organic.

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