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November 06, 2008


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John Charles Griffin


It's a mystery that individuals and developers throughout the country get excited about tearing down trees and digging into hills and valleys where the rareness of serenity remains. Some say they do it to improve commerce, like some strange form of money mojo attraction. It's voodoo economics where as in ancient rituals dead birds were used to ward off evil spirits or cast a hex on folks. When the trees are cut down, the birds and squirrels will suffer casualties. The consolation prize is that one can procure bird feeders at Walmart or Home Depot. Recently in New York, strange bird dumping rituals" to purge sins was brought up in a case noted by P.E.T.A. You can easily and quickly find specific references - - - Google "birds in voodoo rituals."


How awful that they are planning to devastate such beautiful landscape! It's as if they just don't realize what beauty they are destroying. I will send this link to a few of my friends at the county.

George Boston Rhynes

We should not destroy all the beauty in our community. People will come from afar to see what they cannot see in other areas of the country.

Please let South Georgia keep a few of the ancient beauty of the Old South and not give way to dollars and profits. Especially if the citizens does not wish to to change their community.

George Boston Rhynes
Retired United States Armed Forces
A concerned citizen and brother of humanity

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