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John S. Quarterman is CEO of InternetPerils, Inc., formerly CTO MatrixNetsystems, Inc., formerly CTO, Inc., formerly CEO MIDS. In 1990 he incorporated MIDS, which published the first maps of the whole Internet, conducted the first Internet Demographic Survey, and in 1993 started the first series of performance data about the entire Internet. Mr. Quarterman has 26 years of experience in internetworking, beginning with work on ARPANET software at BBN.

His most recent book is Risk Management Solutions for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance ISBN 0-7645-9839-2. Beyond SOX. Beyond the firewall, into the Internet, where nobody controls everything, and tactical security must become strategic risk management. He wrote The Matrix, a comprehensive book on the history, technology, and people of computer networks worldwide, he is co-auuthor of The Design and Implementation of the 4.2BSD UNIX Operating System as well as of six other books.

His blogs, Perilocity and PeerFlow, are his own personal opinions, not those of any other person or company.


Pattern recognition beyond the perimeter, risk management, open communication, writing, yoga, The Manchurian Candidate, Fernand Braudel, Howard Gardner, Mnookin, cemeteries.