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July 04, 2007



Your conclusions are fine ... but there is another reason, more core, why it is best to deal with terrorism in a low key fashion.

Terrorism is primarily used by groups to prove their own worth, for recruiting and support purposes. That is, they are primarily interested in convincing their *local* population that they are doing something, are capable of doing something, and can really make a difference. A "plausible promise" etc etc, "proving" that when the time comes, support is worthwhile.

Hence, targetting civilian v. military targets matters far less than the effect on the media, and how the local community sees the attack. Currently the Brits and Americans continue to play to the terrorists' tune by playing every minor attack up as much as they can.

One could almost wonder whether the two opponents are fighing separate enemies ... because their actions seem more designed to help their nominal enemies than harm them.


"We may laugh. And we should."


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